Faculty & Staff

Alden C Adolph

Alden C Adolph (she, her, hers)

Assistant Professor; Director of Engineering Studies

Regents Hall (Natural Science) 268

Office Hours: by appointment over the Summer

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Brian P Borovsky

Brian P Borovsky (he, him, his)

Professor of Physics; Department Chair of Physics

Regents Hall (Natural Science) 278

Office Hours: Spring 2020 - M 10-11am, T 3:30-4:30pm, W 10-11am, or by appointment.

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Eric L Hazlett

Eric L Hazlett

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Regents Hall (Natural Science) 266

Office Hours: Spring 2020 M 9-10:10am, W 9-10:10am, W 1:45-2:45pm (Taylor Center), Th 11:45-12:30pm, F 9-10:10am, and by appointment.

Kurtis W Johnson

Kurtis W Johnson (he, him, his)

Physics Stockroom Technician

Regents Hall (Natural Science) 295A

Office Hours: m,t,th,f 7:30-12:30 1:00-5:30

Amy E Larsen

Amy E Larsen (she, her, hers)

Associate Professor of Practice in Physics

Regents Hall (Natural Science) 274

Office Hours: Spring 2020 M 1:30-2:30pm, W 1-2pm, Th 10-11am, and by appointment

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Physics Emeritus Faculty

James Cederberg, 1964
Professor Emeritus of Physics, 2006
A.B., University of Kansas; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University

David Dahl, 1979
Associate Professor Emeritus of Physics, 2014
B.S., University of Minnesota; M.S., Ph.D., Stanford University

Robert Jacobel, 1976
Professor Emeritus of Physics and Environmental Studies, 2013
A.B., University of California-Berkeley; Ph.D., Iowa State University

David Nitz, 1979
Professor Emeritus of Physics, 2019
B.A., St. Olaf College, PhD, Rice University

Duane N. Olson, 1962
Professor Emeritus of Physics, 1996
B.A., St. Olaf College; Ph.D., Cornell University