Fall 2015 Classical Mechanics (PHYS 374) Final Projects

The following are links to videos that students in Physics 374 (Classical Mechanics, Professor Amy Kolan) submitted as their final project for fall semester 2015.  Enjoy!

Bobby Barjasteh, The Physics of Flipping a Cell Phone: Euler’s Equations and the Intermediate Axis Theorem Video

Iris Brenner, Jaw Harp Physics Video

Jacob Caswell, The Inverted Pendulum Video

Chloe Chambers, Parametric Resonance Video

Charlotte Elwell, The Physics of the Falling Slinky Video

Erik Frank, Wind Turbines & Betz’s Limit  Video

Michael Harens, The Physics of a Spinning Top Video

Halle Hund, The Physics of a Symmetric Top Video

Caitlyn Johnson, Liouville’s Theorem Video

James McFarlin, Intermediate Axis Theorem Video

Kellen Mulford, Spherical Brachistochrone – The Gravity Train Video 

Libby New, Orbital Transfer Video

Anthony Riesen, Triangle Physics Video

Nick Scaramuzza, Coupled Pendulums Video

Colin Scheibner, The Power Spectrum of a Random Walk Video 

Patrick Sivets, Tunnel through the Earth Video

Doria Spiegel, Vertically Driven Pendulum Video 

Matt Van Koevering, Terrestrial Brachistochrone – Gravity Train Video

Emily Witt, The Force-Damped Simple Harmonic Oscillator Video

Simon Mingzhi Zhao, Buttered Toast Phenomenon Video