Fall 2016 Classical Mechanics (PHYS 374) Final Projects

The following are links to videos that students in Physics 374 (Classical Mechanics, Professor Amy Kolan) submitted as their final project for fall semester 2016.  Enjoy!

Jocie Baker Springs, Masses and Normal Modes video

Soma Beleznay The Role of Kelvin Waves in Tides

Sam Bender Wobbling Frisbee (Torque Free Precession) video

Kieran Berton The Physics of Vibraphones video

Nellie Brovold The Flight of the Boomerang video

Jaehong Choi Helmholtz Resonator video

Emma Dawson The Hot Chocolate Effect video

Sage Fulco The Foucault Pendulum video

Amadou Gueye Post-impact cue ball trajectory video

Kali Gustafson Paper Helicopter Physics video

Will Gustafson The Physics of a Curveball video

Marlyne Hakizimana Synchronization of Metronomes video

Ben Hinke Physics of a Bouncing Lacrosse ball video

Shane Kosieradzki  The Motion of a Gyroscope video

Kristine Patzer Physics of the Spin of a Ping Pong Ball video

Matthew Pearce Newton’s nose cone video

Haakon Pedersen Quad-copter Modeling video

Andrew Petterson The Physics of Aerial Freestyle Skiing (Angular Momentum Conservation) video

Andreas Raduege Synthesizing Speech on a Piano video

Patrik Stefak Phase Space video

Trevor Stewart The Impact of Varying Frequency and Materials on Sound Decay video

Ian Sutherland Collapsing Catenoids: Soap Bubbles and Surface Area Minimization video

Paul Timm Angular Momentum Defies Gravity and Makes Tops Stable video