Fall 2017 Classical Mechanics (PHYS 374) Final Projects

The following are links to videos that students in Physics 374 (Classical Mechanics, Professor Amy Kolan) submitted as their final project for Fall Semester 2017.

Brynna Freitag Physics of a Carved Ski Turn video

Caitlin Glennon Rogue Waves and Anderson Localization video

Owen Grimm-Howell Physics of Bowed Strings video

Jakob Hofstad Analyzing Bubble Rings Between Two Films video

Daniel Kindem Why Do Shoelaces Come Untied? video

Daniel King Resonance in the Vocal Tract video

Gabe McAndrews Demonstration of Bessel Functions on a rotating beaded wire video

Brian Nevins Understanding Unicycle Stabilization video

Jacob Packard

Eric Spear Frisbee Physics video

Paul Timm Introduction to Solar Eclipses video

Hannah Tomlinson Physics of Handbells Water video

Jonathan Trevathan Physics of Hitting A Tennis Ball video

Raymond Wieser Vertical Stabilization of the Inverted Pendulum video

Benj Wollant Classical Treatment of the Duffing Oscillator video

Zhifei Yang A Restricted Three-Body Problem: The Sitnikov Problem video