Fall 2019 Classical Mechanics (PHYS 374) Final Projects

The following are links to videos that students in Physics 374 (Classical Mechanics, Professor Amy Kolan) submitted as their final project for Fall Semester 2019.

Nate Carlin, The Motion of Coupled Pendulums  video

Kavya Devgun, The Chandler Wobble video

Jessye Gassel,  A Superball in a Vertical Channel video

Elvis Haisa, Counter Steering  video

Eric Johnson, Physics Project  video

Josh King-Nobles, Physics of Candle Seesaw  video

Siri Mellem, The Physics of Hula Hoops  video

Gabe Michor, The Precession Parameter video

Huy Nguyen, Chaos in the Henon Map and the Ott-Grebogi-Yorke Method of Chaos Control video

Mike Powers, Physics of Hurricane Balls  video

Chris Schulte Cones, Frustrums, and Instruments  video

Dan Swenson, Parametric Response of Water video

Tori Swensen,  Normal Modes of Animal Gaits  video

Jack Thull, Gravitational Analog of the Cyclotron video

Tor Viren, Gravity Tunnels Explained video

Jiayi Wang, Model for the Power Spectrum of a Piano String video

Sueray Wang, Simple Harmonic Oscillator Driven by Square Wave and Its Resonance Curve  video

Karina Zikan, Calculus of Variations and Pressurized Soap Films video