Graduate Program Resources

Please note that St. Olaf does not endorse any programs listed here. This information is only to serve as a resource to you.


Boston University School of Medicine, Masters in Bioimaging.  More Information

Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, Graduate Program in Physics.  More Information

Clark University, Massachusetts, Graduate Program in Physics.   More Information

Colorado State University Master’s Degree in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting (MGMA) More Information

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida and Arizona, Ph.D. in Engineering Physics.  More Information

The International Max-Planck Research School on Astrophysics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (IMPRS), PhD in Astrophysics.  More Information.

Iowa State University – Wind Energy Science Engineering and Policy (WESEP) Ph.D. program.  More Information.

Kansas State University, Doctoral Program in Physics.  Letter & Poster,  More information

Lehigh University Doctoral program in Physics and Astrophysics. Brochure, More Information

Louisiana State Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program.  Brochure.  More Information.

Mayo Graduate School College of Medicine Mayo Graduate School offers PhD and MD/PhD training to future leaders in biomedical research and education. More Information.

Minnesota State University Mankato, Masters Program in Physics.  More Information.

Montana State University, Graduate Studies in Physics.  More Information.

National Physics Science Consortium, Fellowship program. More Information.

North Dakota State University, Graduate Program in Physics.  More Information.

North Dakota State University, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Materials in Nanotechnology.  More Information.

Northeastern University, Graduate Program in Physics.  Fields of study include: Particle Physics, Nanophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Biological Physics, Medical Physics, and Network Science. More Information.

Northwestern University, Doctoral Studies in Physics and Astronomy.  More Information.

The Ohio State University, Graduate Study in Physics.  More Information.

Pennsylvania State University, BioNEMS Group PhD program.  More Information.

Purdue School of Industrial Engineering, Faculty from Operations Research from Purdue IE are recruiting future graduate students.  More Information. 

The Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, MS/PhD program in Astrophysical Science and Technology (AST).  More Information.

San Diego State University (SDSU) Masters in Physics, the Masters in Medical Physics, or the Joint PhD (through the Computational Science Research Center). More Information.

University of Alabama Department of Physics and Astronomy More Information.

University of California San Cruz Electrical Engineering Master’s Program   Admissions process    More Information

University of Chicago master’s degree programs.  More Information.

University of Colorado-Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus Structural Biology and Biochemistry Ph.D. Program (STBB).  More Information.

University of Denver, Department of Physics & Astronomy.  More Information.

University of Iowa College of Engineering Masters Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering.  More Information.

University of OklahomaPhD graduate program in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  More information.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PhD program in physics & astronomy.   More Information.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Graduate Studies in Astrophysics.  More Information.

University of Notre Dame, Graduate School in Physics.  More Information.

University of Maryland Institute for Systems Research, Master of Systems Engineering (MSSE). More Information

University of Maryland Graduate Study for the Ph.D. in Astronomy.  More Information.

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Physics & Applied Physics.  More Information.

University of Michigan The Master of Engineering Degree in Space Engineering. More Information. 

University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs Masters of Science and PhD program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy  More Information

University of Missouri MS/PhD studies in water and natural resources management. Students can enroll at either the College of Engineering (at Bioengineering) or the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (at the School of Natural Resources).

University of Oregon, The Master’s Industrial Internship Program.  More Information.

University of South Dakota, Department of Physics, Ph.D. and M.S. degrees (thesis and non-thesis options).  More Information.

University of South Florida Department of Physics.  More information. 

University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, Master’s Degrees and Graduate Certificates in Engineering and Software. More Information. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison in the College of Engineering M.S. in Engineering Mechanics: Fundamentals of Applied Mechanics

Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.   More information.

Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate Studies in Physics.  More Information.

Western Illinois University Masters in Physics program.  More Information.

Wichita State University, Kansas, Graduate Studies in Physics. More Information.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.  Be a WW teaching fellow.  More information.


Krell Institute, Department of Energy Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE SSGF).  This program provides up to four years of financial support for students pursuing doctoral degrees in fields of study that utilize high-performance computing to solve complex problems in science and engineering.  Applications are due the second week of January.  More information.


Scholarships for Education Majors The title “teacher” has always carried much more responsibility than simply ‘to instruct’.  Motivator, role model, coach, mentor, the list could go on and on; for those who understand the true nature of teaching, it’s a calling.