Spring 2017 Statistical Physics (PHYS 379) Student Final Projects

Below are final project videos submitted by the students of Professor Amy Kolan’s Statistical Physics Class

Student Name                         Project Title
Shelby Ahrendt  Thermodynamics and Breath video
Soma Beleznay  The KT transition in the XY model video
Sam Bender  How Many Shuffles? video
Kieran Berton  The Marangoni Effect video
Sage Fulco  What Is the Chandrasekhar Limit? video
Suzy Kirch  Ising Model: Peierls’ Findings video
Tom Kirk Metropolis Algorithm video
Shane Kosieradski  The Hierarchical model & the Aging Effect of Spin Glasses video
Kellen Mulford  Birds of a Feather – Statistical Mechanics of Flocks video
Libby New  An introduction to chaos game representations of DNA sequences video
Colin Scheibner  The Popcorn Problem video
Ian Sutherland  Black Hole Thermodynamics: Hawking Radiation, Specific Heat, and Entropy video
Paul Timm  Simulated Annealing Project video
Emily Witt  Speed of Sound in the Early Universe video