Spring 2015 Statistical Physics (PHYS 379) Student Final Projects

Below are final project videos submitted by the students of Professor Amy Kolan’s Statistical Physics Class
Student Name                         Project Title
Burnett, Luke Telegraph noise video
Du, Hao 2D Site Percolation video
Dull, Jordan The Barkhausen Noise Effect and Simulation video
Friedrichsen, Paul Using simulated annealing and genetic algorithm on TSP video
Hickox-Young, Daniel Transfer Matrices: 1D Ising Model video
Hoffman, Andrew Self-Organized Criticality video
Ingalls, Matthew Simulated Annealing and Sudoku video
Jung, Joseph k-SAT Phase Transitions video
Kyaw, Paing Solving Differential Equations: the Motion of Pendulum video
LaNasa, Jacob Deriving the Chandrasekhar Limit video
McLain, Nickolas
Nevins, Robert Polymers and Random Walks video
Pauly, Samantha Renormalization Group Theory – Percolation video
Puls, Owen MCMC Cryptogram Solver video
Schut, Jonathon Information Theory Introduction video
Shinn, Aaron
Sletten, Lucas Barkhausen Effect, Avalanches, and Criticality video
von Bibra, Thomas Deriving the Chandrasekhar Limit video
Wood, Adam Small World Networks video