Alternative Video Project

If you do not feel comfortable participating in research there are alternatives available to you through the alternate video project. We have selected a video series entitled that is relevant to Psych 125 and consists short 30-minute episodes. These episodes focus on major psychological theories and the research that gave rise to them.

For this project, you must watch an episode and complete the following form, which will be posted soon. Each episode is worth 1/2 hour of research credit.

This is intended to be an alternative to research participation for people uncomfortable with the research process. Under some circumstances it may be available for other students. Please email for more details. Recommendations will be made on a case by case basis.

Please note that each time you do not show up for a study the researchers will let the subject pool administration know. For each no-show the number of assignments that you can turn in for the alternative video project will decrease commensurate with the amount of credit for that study. For example, if you sign up for a 1 hour study, then do not show up, the total number of alternative video project assignments you will be allowed to turn in will decrease by 1 hour. So if 3 hours of research are required that semester, you will be able to do a maximum of 2 through the alternative video project.

The rationale for this is that in the past, students would sign up for studies, no-show, and try to make it up by doing the alternative video project to meet their hour requirements. This became egregious and led to very high rates of no-shows for studies, which wasted the researchers time. This also blocked students who needed the credits from being able to sign up, and wasted the researchers time and resources. As a result, this policy was adopted.