The Psychology Major, Graduate Schools, and Careers

Why Major in Psychology?

Psychology is a fascinating field and is applicable to nearly everything! Our graduates go on into a wide range of areas including psychology graduate school, business, law, medicine, and human service careers.

You also might find it helpful to read about majoring in Psychology and about careers in Psychology. In the Psychology Office (Regents 236) we have books available for you on these topics.

Is Grad School For You?

Most specialized psychology positions require graduate training. Some positions require doctorate level training while some positions only require masters level training. Once you know what career you want to pursue you can choose the degree that best suits you. If after graduating from St. Olaf you still aren’t sure exactly what you want to do, don’t worry. Many students choose to take a year or more to gain experience and narrow in on what they want to do before pursuing further education. Work or internship experience in Psychology-related fields looks good on your graduate school application, enhances your graduate school experience and may help you better understand and gain confidence in the path you choose to follow.

The following Graduate School section contains links to information about graduate schools and applying to graduate schools.

Graduate School Resources

What Can I do with a Psychology major?

Psychology majors work in a range of fields including human services and human resources, research, education, and business. If you are just beginning to explore Psychology, you may be wondering what some typical jobs and career paths are for those with a psychology degree.

The following Careers in Psychology section includes links to pages with information about Psychology-related jobs and careers.

Careers in Psychology Resources