Psych Club

The St. Olaf Psychology Club is comprised of members who are interested in learning more about the field of Psychology, as well as what one can do with a psychology major. The officers of Psych Club host speakers (many of whom are alumni), who were psychology majors at Olaf and have continued on to various fields of study and careers. Psychology Club also sponsors or co-sponsors other educational events that pertain to the field. While many members of Psych Club are psychology majors, we also welcome non-majors who have interests in learning more about the field and the variety of careers that are available through Psychology. Please go to this Sign-Up Sheet to have your name added to an alias to get information about our events.

Psych Club Officers 2021-22

President: Emma Aanestad ’22
President-Elect: Anna Brown ’23
Vice President: Wei Ting Hsieh ’22
Vice-President-Elect: Tenzin Yangzom ’24
Speaker Recruiting Officer: Middy Hoffman’22
Speaker Recuiter Elect: Jake Henke ’25
Public Relations Officer: Matt Mackenzie’ 22
Public Relations Elect: Emma Gross ’25
Club Adviser: Shelly Dickinson

Emma Aanestad

– Senior
– Psychology Major w/ concentrations in neuroscience + statistics & data science
– Other activities include: Piper Center Peer Advisor
– I’m drawn to psychology, because I’m intrigued by the biological mechanisms that shape our conscious experience of the world.
– Fun fact: My favorite TV Show is Normal People.

Wei Ting Hsieh


– Senior
– Psychology Major
– Other activities include: D-VINE Entertainment, DISC
– I am passionate about psychology because I am fascinated by the human mind and behavior, as well as the complexity between human relationships.
– Fun fact: I am obsessed with peanut butter banana smoothies



Middy Hoffman

-Psychology Major w/ Family Studies Concentration
– Other activities include: St. Olaf Dance Team
-What makes me passionate about psychology is learning about why people behave the way they do/ human behavior, and understanding human development and disorders.
-Fun fact: I have five siblings(four older and one younger)



Matt Mackenzie

-Psychology and SOAN Majors w/ Neuroscience concentration
-Other activities include: Collegium Musicum, Climate Justice Collective, SARN
-I’m glad to gain a greater understanding of my own neurodivergence, and it’s a great way to help people as mental healthcare is one of the most important and in-demand public services as we collectively head into a very uncertain future.
-Fun facts: I play the viola da gamba; I’m a huge country music fan


Zoë (Tenzin Yangzom)

– Intended Psychology Major with Statistics and data science concentration
– Other activities include: Team Tibet and Korean Culture Association
– I’ve always been intrigued in how the human mind functions. Additionally, it’s fascinating to learn not only about the different mental health issues but also how to communicate and help them through it.
– Fun Fact: Maybe a weird combo to most: Peanut butter and Pickle sandwich (it’s not as bad as it sounds 😉


Emma Gross


– Freshman – Intent to be a Psychology Major
– Other activities include: St. Olaf Band
– I am passionate about psychology because I want to understand human behavior and have an interest in helping others.
– Fun fact: I am one out of four members on the Exec board that is from Iowa!


Anna Brown

– Junior
– Psychology Major w/ Management Studies, Statistics & Data Science, and Asian Studies Concentrations
– Other activities include: Piper Center Peer Advisor, Marketing & Communications Staff Writer, Psych Dept. DEI Fellow, Korean Culture Association (KCA), D-VINE Entertainment, Greater Than Campaign
– I’m passionate about psychology because I’m interested in the social factors that influence human behavior and interactions. Additionally, I enjoy learning about what motivates people and how different psychological concepts can be used to improve employee well-being and workplace environments.
– Fun fact: I broke my pinky playing dodgeball in elementary school.

Jake Henke



– Freshmen – Planning on a double major in Psychology and Religion with a concentration in Neuroscience
– Other activities include: Viking Choir, sports photography, Psych club, Neuro club – My passion for psychology comes from the more in-depth and individualistic aspects of human psychology. I find the human brain very interesting, whether it’s more of a mental and cognitive perspective or more of a bio/chem perspective.
– Fun Facts: I’m a big fan of Froot Loops and I have an amazing dog named Jersey