Application to recruit students from the Psych 125 Subject Pool

All studies must be reviewed according to the guidelines defined by the college. Make sure you have gone through the appropriate level of IRB review before starting any study. The St. Olaf IRB procedures may be found here. An IRB approval date will be needed to complete the Subject Pool Application

Complete the electronic Application to recruit from the Psych 125 Subject Pool. This document will be used to create an experiment for you in the Moodle site, and allow the department staff to grant credit to your participants. Each experiment will appear as a separate assignment, and after a student has participated in your experiment, they will be granted credit in the grade book feature. All experiments undergo a formal approval process, and you may not contact the class directly or begin recruiting without approval.

Either your Study Title or Alternate Title MUST be used in recruiting so that we may accurately grant credit. If you need to change your recruiting title after you have been approved, please email us at to let us know.

Be sure to indicate any student researchers who need to have access to the Google document for participant sign-ups (by default, only Psych department faculty members, staff, and students in the Psych 125 classes have access to these materials), and any special instructions for the departmental staff.

Since research participation is a required component of the Psych 125 class, all experiments must contain an educational component for the students. You will be required to submit a copy of your educational debriefing materials as a part of the approval process, and will be required to discuss and hand out a copy to all participants, so be sure to include this with your application.

All credits are granted by the half hour, so a study that is 30 minutes or less will grant .5 credits, whereas an hour study will grant 1 credit. Do not over inflate your credits when calculating the credit associated with your study. It helps to pilot your study to know exactly how long things are likely to take.

Use REALISTIC estimates of subject numbers in your request… we need accurate targets to know how many studies to approve. Do not over inflate these estimates here as it can have an adverse impact on the pool.