Granting Credit

Once a student has participated in the study, be sure to debrief them on the experimental methods and goals, and direct them to complete the online Research Credit Form.

After your study is approved, Darla will send you an electronic credit slip in the form of a Google survey based on the information you gave us in the Subject Pool Application. This survey is unique to your project and will be used by us to grant your participants credit for their time. After each session, please send a copy of this survey to your participants so that they can complete it for their credit. We ask them to send a copy of their responses to themselves in case any discrepancies arise. This information will be sent to Darla and myself, and we will use this to grant them credit in Moodle. You should also make note that you sent the survey to them in case we need to track down errant cases. While this does put more onus on the researchers, we think it will make the entire process easier for everyone involved, and far more streamlined.

The slips are set up such that you will need to add student emails in order for them to complete the forms. To do this you should open up the credit slip in Forms (you will have been added as a collaborator, so you should have editing privileges), click the “Send form” button in the upper right, and add the emails of your participants in the “Send form via email” field, then click the “Done” button. If you have a list of participant emails you can enter them at the same time by copying the list and pasting it here.

The reason we want researchers to disseminate the forms in this way is so that we can 1. track how many students are actually completing them, 2. verify that the researchers are actually sending them out, and 3. keep just anyone with the link from responding (thereby lowering our incidences of students claiming credit for experiments they did not actually complete). If you have any questions, or suggestions, please feel free to contact either Darla or myself.

Please keep track of the following information and forward to us at weekly:

  • Subjects who sign up but do not show up (no-shows)
  • Subjects who cancel within a 2 hour window of the experiment (late cancellations)