How to sign up for experiments

How to Sign Up for Experiments

To view available experiments, open the “Research Participation Sign Up Sheet” for the current semester (which is located in Google Drive and will be shared with you once the add period closes). This document will be used to as the electronic sign up sheet for ALL departmentally reviewed and approved experiments, and is shared with members of the class once enrollment closes. A link is also included on the main Moodle page for when you forget it.

At the bottom of the document there are several tabs labeled with experiment names. Click on a tab to view an experiment. Not all of the tabs will be filled out, and those with generic names such as “Experiment 1” are blank and waiting for experiments to be added. When a study is ready and is actively seeking participants, the tab name will change to the study name, and instructions on how to participate will be posted. Read through the experiment information paying close attention to the sign up instructions and any special requirements listed by the researcher. If you are interested in participating in that study, sign up as indicated. If there are time slots listed on particular days, add your name or email address to an open slot to sign up for the study.

Please DO NOT add additional time slots UNLESS directed to do so by the researchers, many studies have limited seats. Please do not delete other students who have signed up for a study. All changes to the document are tracked by your login and IP address, and I will be able to find out who changed what and when. Some online studies may ask you to click a link to go to the study, or sign up to be emailed a link, so pay close attention to the instructions from the researchers. Remember, the academic honor code and policies also apply to research conduct.

Be sure to complete the experiment you signed up for: you must participate and fill out the electronic research credit form to get credit. If you have any questions about the experiment, before or after participating, please email the researcher.