First-Person Narratives

A Boy from C-11: Ronglien, Harvey
A Deaf Child Listened: Neimark, Anna
A Welfare Mother: Sheehan, Susan (2)
A True Story of a Single Mother: Hall, Nancy Lee
A True Story of a Drunken Mother: Hall, Nancy Lee
A Little Thing Called Love: Clark, Rebecca
A Walk in the Rain with a Brain: Hallowell, Edward
A Man Named Dave: Pelzer, Dave
Adult Children of Alcoholics: Woititz, J.G.
Anything Can Happen: Papshvily, George and Helen
Breath, Eyes, Memory: Danticat, Edwidge
Broken: Moyers, William Cope
The Broken Cord: Dorris, Michael (3)
The Center Cannot Hold: Saks, Zlyn R.
The Child Savers: Plait, Anthony
Crazy Love: Steiner, Leslie Morgan
Death from Child Abuse…And No One Heard: Krupinski, Eve
Dibs in Search of Self: Axline, Virginia
Final Payments: Gordon, Mary
Flat Broke with Children: Sharon Hays
From Darkness to Light: Landsman, Julie
Genius in Public Housing: Nair, Murali
The Glass Castle: Walls, Jeannette
God’s Lost Children: McGeady, Mary Rose
Grand Central Winter: Stringer, Lee
Growing Up Fast: Lipper, Joanna
Having Our Say: Delany, Sarah and Elizabeth
Helping When it Hurts: Hunter, Robert
The House That Love Built: Hale, Lorraine
I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died: Galey, Iris
Jasmine: Mukherjee, Bharati
Karen: Killilea, Marie
Kwa Heri, Black Daughter: Zigan, Gisa
The Language of Blood: Trenka, Jane (2)
The Late Homecomer: Yang, Kao Kalia
Letter from Peking: Pearl S. Buck
Life For Me Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair: Sheehan, Susan
Light a Single Candle: Butler, Beverly
Love, Or a Reasonable Facsimile: Rogers, Gloree
Making Content: Satir, Virginia
Mother Father Deaf: Preston, Paul
Mountains Beyond Mountains: Tracy Kidder
My Name is Bill: Cheever, Susan
My Name Is Mary: Mary Fisher
My Own Country: Abraham Verghese
My Own Story: Ryan White & Ann Marie Cunningham
Nickel and Dimed: Ehrenreich, Barbara
Not for Women Only: Mary Bricker-Jenkins & Nancy R. Hooyman
On the Day Everybody Ate: Trost, Margaret
On the Rez: Frazier, Ian
The Orphan Trains: Holt, Marilyn
A Pebble to Polish: Leszl, Janet Lord
Putting a Face on the Poor: Catholic Charities
The Rise of Conservatism in America, 1945-2000: Ronald Story & Bruce Laurie
Sickened: Gregory, Julie
The Soloist: Lopez, Steve
Somebody Somewhere Knows My Name: Linda Lowery
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: Anne Fadiman
The Story of Sandy: Susan Stanhope Wexler
Tell Me a Riddle: Tillie Olsen
Tender Mercies: Keith Richards
There’s a Boy in There: Judy Barron & Sean Barron
The Unlikely Celebrity: Thomas Walz
Upstairs Girls: Rutter, Michael
Waking: Samford, Matthew
When a Bough Breaks: Mary Ylvisaker Nilsen
Where No Gods Came: Sheila O’Connor
While the Locust Slept: Peter Razor
Willow in a Storm: James Peter Taylor & Kathleen Murphy-Taylor
Widow: Lynn Caine
With Love from Karen: Marie Killilea