The Book

The Book is the official St. Olaf student handbook.

If you looking for any topic ranging from student services and resources to the Official Code of Student Conduct, you are no more than a few mouse clicks away. We hope you find The Book online a valuable resource for the information you desire here at St. Olaf.

Reserved Rights
The Book is the Official Student Handbook of St. Olaf College.  The Book contains the college’s official statements on policy related to student life, academic and non-academic, at St. Olaf.  Sections within The Book provide students with general guidance, and are not intended to be a comprehensive statement of college policies, procedures and regulations.

Students are encouraged to read this document carefully and in its entirety.  This ready reference regarding life on the St. Olaf campus seeks to clarify community behavior expectations, regulations and policies that have been established to ensure each student’s education and personal growth and encourage the effective functioning of St. Olaf as an educational institution.  The Book also provides links to many of the services, programs and activities available to St. Olaf students.

College policy is continually being re-examined to reflect the needs and values of the community.  As such, the college reserves the right to modify or cancel any statement in The Book at any time, and such changes may not be immediately reflected in this online publication.  Links that take the viewer “outside” The Book cannot be guaranteed to be accurate.  The policies and statements included in The Book are not a contract and the college reserves the right to deviate from the policies and statements as deemed necessary from time to time.

The St. Olaf Academic Catalog is the official source of detailed information about the curriculum of the college, its course offerings, majors, areas of emphasis and concentrations, requirements for graduation, and procedures for admission.  The responsibility for understanding and meeting graduation requirements rests entirely with the student.