The Writing Desk In Rolvaag Library

Academic Writing Support

The Writing Desk helps St. Olaf students write clearly, critically, and convincingly to effectively engage in academic conversations.

Writing centers may be the ideal environment for students [who are developing writing fluency]…one-on-one, context rich, highly focused on a specific current writing need, and offering the possibility of negotiation of meaning. -Ilona Leki

Writing tutors offer in-person writing help with most kinds of writing assignments. Tutors ask questions, listen, and provide feedback. Writers take charge of their tutoring sessions, prepare questions, and bring writing assignments and two copies of their work-in-progress. Writing sessions typically focus on brainstorming ideas, strengthening theses, developing thesis support, organizing paragraphs, and refining sentences. Writing tutors do not edit or proofread, instead they teach students how to do this for themselves. The goal of the Writing Desk is to teach writers to write effectively with clarity and confidence.

Tutoring is available by drop-in or appointment. Appointments are available bi-weekly, weekly, or as-needed.


Icon to Request an Appointment and/or Tutor

For appointments: click on the Appointments icon
or call 507-786-3288
or use the Writing Desk’s red phone (the “bat phone”)

For anything else: Bridget Draxler,, 507-786-3384
For TTY: Dial 7-1-1 (MNRelay)

Apply to become a Writing Tutor:

By being a Writing Tutor, you will gain valuable experience and, after graduation, can even obtain teaching assistantships for graduate school, or maybe positions in communications, marketing, teaching, social work, management, editing, and publishing. To apply, click the icon below.

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