Asian Studies Courses 2015-16

Please note that this is a tentative listing of courses. Check the class and lab schedule for more information.


ASIAN 156 Contemporary China Thru Film   Wong, Ka
ASIAN 156 FLC – Chinese  Wong, Ka
ASIAN 210 AsianCon1:Mapping Journeys  Shih & Strand
ASIAN 235 Mod Japanese Lit-Tr  Strand, Kendra
ASIAN 275 ID Approaches to Asia   MacPherson, Kris
ASIAN 333 What is a Hero?   Wong, Ka
Asian 397 Human Rights/Asian Context  Tegtmeyer Pak, Katherind
AS/PH 251 Asian Philosophy  Rambachan, Anantanand
AS/RE 253 Hinduism   Reed, Barbara
AS/RE 289 Buddhism, Peace, Justice   Reed, Barbara
CHIN 111 Beginning Chinese I   Zhou, Ying
CHIN 231 Intermediate Chinese I   Shih, Hsiang-Lin
CHIN 301 Advanced Chinese I   Wong, Ka
CHIN 351 Chinese Lang/Soc/Media   Wong, Ka
JAPAN 111 Beginning Japanese I  Boteilho, Caleb
JAPAN 231 Intermed Japanese I   Akimoto, Hiroe
JAPAN 301 Advanced Japanese I   Akimoto, Hiroe



ASIAN 121 Asian Cultures   Strand, Kendra
ASIAN 215 AsianCon2: Encounter Asia   Reed & Boteilho
ASIAN 216 AsianCon2: Asia in America   staff


ASIAN 200 E.Asian Lang/Linguistics  Zhou, Ying
ASIAN 220 AsiaCon3:InterpretJourney   Williamson & Entenmann
ASIAN 237 Mod Chinese Lit and Society   Shih, Hsiang-Lin
ASIAN 237F Chinese FLAC for 237   Shih, Hsiang-Lin
ASIAN 240 Talking in Japan/US   Boteilho, Caleb
ASIAN 268 Asian Calligraphy  Wong, Ka
ASIAN275 ID Approaches to Asia   MacPherson, Kris
ASIAN 399 Sem: Asia
AR/AS Arts of Japan  Spiker, Christina
AS/PS 245 Asian Regionalism  Tegtmeyer Pak, Katherine
AS/RE 256 Religions China/Japan  Reed, Barbara
AS/RE 257 Buddhism   Reed, Barbara
CHIN 112 Beginning Chinese II   Zhou, Ying
CHIN 232 Intermed Chinese II   Shih, Hsiang-Lin
CHIN 302 Advanced Chinese II   Wong, Ka
CHIN 320 Special Topics in Chinese   Wong, Ka
JAPAN 112 Beginning Japanese II  Boteilho, Caleb
JAPAN 232 Intermed Japanese II   Akimoto, Hiroe
JAPAN 302 Advanced Japanese II   Strand, Kendra

JAPAN 320                   Special Topics in Japanese            Akimoto, Hiroe