Dance Studio Reservations


Dittmann Center has three beautiful dance studios that are in high-demand during the academic year. If you would like to reserve a dance studio, please read this entire page carefully. The use of the dance studios is contingent on space availability. Dance staff and students receive first consideration.


Priority order for studio usage:

  1. Dance Faculty
  2. Dance Department Guest Artists
  3. Students from Dance Department Academic classes
  4. Students from Veselica or Companydance
  5. Other Academic Classes from St. Olaf
  6. Extra Curricular Activities from St. Olaf
  7. Off campus Users


Studio Guidelines

  • Signing Out Spaces


    • Students may sign out 1.5 hours during the week and 2 hours on the weekends.
  • Shoes
    • NO street shoes or unapproved shoes are allowed in the studios!
  • Food and Drink
    • NO food and drink are allowed in the studios. The exception is water in a sealed container.
  • Stereo System Use
    • There are boom boxes available for use in each studio. Users must provide cables to connect audio devices to the boom boxes. Do NOT remove boom boxes from the studios. If you move a boom box to another location within the studio, please return it to its original location after use.
  • Studio Clean Up
    • Please take a few minutes near the end of your rehearsal/event to return the studio to its original, clean condition, including boom boxes, barres, window shades, your clothing items, etc.


View the studio reservation calendar here.



Instructions for reserving a dance studio by St. Olaf faculty, staff and students

Studio sign up sheets are displayed in the hallway between Studio 1 and 2 one week at a time for last minute sign ups. Please read these detailed studio use guidelines before using a dance studio. If you are requesting to use a studio beyond the current week please follow these steps:

NOTE: The dance studios are closed for the summer!

Watch a short “Studio Certification” video and take the quiz on Moodle. Click here to request to be added to the Moodle course. Once added, you will receive an email notifying you and you may proceed to STEP TWO. If you have already passed the quiz please skip to STEP THREE.

After you receive an email confirmation that you have been added to the course (Dance Studio Use Certification), log onto the 2014-15 Moodle site to read the rules, watch a short video and complete a quiz based on what you learned. You must get 100% correct on the quiz.

After you have passed the quiz, submit your requestYou will be notified whether your request was approved or not.


Instructions for non-St. Olaf requests

If you are a not a St. Olaf faculty, staff or student and want to reserve a studio during the summer months, please contact the Office of Camps, Conferences and Events at 507-786-3031 or email

IMPORTANT! The user agrees to follow the rules as outlined in the detailed studio use guidelines for non-St. Olaf users.