IT Staff

We are a staff of 24 people supporting approximately 3100 students, 255 faculty, and 375 staff members. Our offices are located on the lower level of Rolvaag Memorial Library, just past the IT helpdesk.


Roberta Lembke Roberta Lembke
Director of Information Technology and the Libraries
Office: RML 277G
Phone: ext. 3097
Email: lembke
124 Kelly Kloos
Office Coordinator
Office: RML 277H
Phone: ext. 3488
Email: kloos


Administrative Services

wendy-125 Wendy Woitalla
Assistant Director of Administrative Services
Office: RML 277D
Phone: ext. 3020
Email: woitalla
Jeff Dixon Jeff Dixon
Project Programmer/Systems Analyst
Office: RML 277C
Phone: ext. 8084
Email: dixonj
tim-125a Tim Isom
Windows Systems Database & Software Administrator
Office: RML 277B
Phone: ext. 3657
Email: isom
andy-125a Andy Prehall
Software Developer
Office: RML 277L
Phone: ext. 3359
Email: prehall
Michael Strand
UNIX Systems Database and Software Manager
Office: RML 277N
Phone: ext. 3037
Email: strandm


Desktop Services

Jennie Moberg
Assistant Director of Desktop Services
Office: RML 277J
Phone: ext. 3035
Email: moberg
perrin-125 Perrin Bishop-Wright
Macintosh Systems Administrator
Office: RML 264
Phone: ext. 3790
Email: pbw
Phinehas Bynum Phinehas Bynum
Windows Systems Administrator
Office: RML 259
Phone: ext. 3840
Email: bynum
Myron Engle Myron Engle
Desktop Support Specialist
Office: RML 265
Phone: ext. 3543
Email: engle
malecha_125 Heather Malecha
Helpdesk Manager
Office: RML 263
Phone: ext. 2863
Email: hmalecha


Information Systems

craig-125 Craig Rice
Director of Information Systems
Office: RML 277F
Phone: ext. 3631
Email: cdr
Bob Breid Bob Breid
UNIX Systems Administrator
Office: RML 256
Phone: ext. 3407
Email: breid

Mike Sjulstad Mike Sjulstad
Network Engineer
Office: RML 258
Phone: ext. 3835
Email: sjulstad
Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
Office: RML 277K
Phone: ext. 3227
Email: ajs


Instructional Technology

ben-g2 Ben Gottfried
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
Office: RML 270A
Phone: ext. 3613
Email: bdg
Dougt Hamilton Doug Hamilton
Instructional Technologist
Office: RML 255
Phone: ext. 3857
Email: hamilton
Jason Menard Jason Menard
GIS Instructional Technologist
Office: RML 253
Phone: ext. 3731
Email: jcm
Dana Thompson Dana Thompson
Presentation Technology Manager
Office: RML 260
Phone: ext. 3067
Email: thompsd
Sean Tonko
Technical Media Specialist
Phone: ext. 8615
Email: tonko


Web Group

Dan Beach Dan Beach
Office: RML 277E
Phone: ext. 3289
Email: beach
Marc Marc Thomas
Web Developer

Office: RML 277A
Phone: ext. 3745
Email: mat