Student Employment

IT employs approximately 20 student workers in the summer and over 50 during the academic year to staff the Helpdesk, assist with computer installation and maintenance, update official St. Olaf webpages, monitor the classroom computers, and help with workshops and faculty projects.

IT Student Employment Applications, Authorizations, and Time Cards:

  • Student Employment Website
    Go to the student employment website to see if there are job openings currently posted for IT.
  • Student Employment Handbook
    If hired for a position, you will receive a student work authorization notice via e-mail.  Read the student user handbook for more information.
  • Time Entry System (TES)
    Students are paid monthly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer.  Keep track of your hours via the online Time Entry System . Be sure to “sign” your time card electronically at the end of the pay period.

IT Student Employment Positions:

Classroom Technology Assistant (Supervisor: Dana Thompson)
The classroom assistants work with the Presentation Technology Manager to monitor and update the computers, projectors, and other equipment in the classrooms and meeting rooms.

Digital Scholarship Intern – DiSCO
The primary duties for the Digital Scholarship Intern (DSI) will be to support faculty, staff and students in integrating technology into research, curriculum and other projects. Work may include developing online course modules, publishing eTexts, creating digital maps and data visualizations, analyzing texts with digital tools, creating digital collections and archives, presenting online exhibits, developing multimedia projects and documentation, 3D scanning and production, and more. DSI’s will also assist in the responsibility for maintaining the celebrated Digital Scholarship Center at St. Olaf (DiSCO)

Technology Consulting Assistant – Helpdesk
Technology Consulting Assistants (Helpers) are responsible for supporting the approximately 4,000 students, faculty and staff of St. Olaf College, along with St. Olaf emeriti and guests of the college. Helpdesk workers offer technical support over the phone, via our ticketing system, and in person to students, faculty and staff. The Helpdesk provides assistance for a wide range of hardware and software, with the most common issues being printing, password and wireless. Professionalism and excellent customer service is required!