IT Introduction Guide

IT_LogoWe understand that, as a new member of the St. Olaf community, you’re probably busy getting settled in. Instead of bombarding you with information, we’ve created this guide to get you acquainted with the basics.

Connecting to the Network

If you are not already connected to the secure St. Olaf network, please visit

What does IT do?

Our primary responsibility is to ensure that St. Olaf students have access to technology that enhances the educational experience. Additionally, we make sure that those technologies are working and that the students, faculty, and staff understand how to use them.

Computer Labs

Our computer labs were built with versatility in mind. Every computer has both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and there is at least one lab in every residence hall and academic building. You will have access to all kinds of Microsoft and Apple software, as well as devices such as scanners, printers, and audio recorders.

Equipment Checkout

Before you go out and buy a video camera, DSLR, or audio recorder, check to see if we might have what you need. You can rent equipment from the library circulations desks for free. You can also checkout sound systems and projectors for residence hall or club events.

Printing Services

With more than 75 student printers available around campus, it’s quick and easy to print those last-minute assignments on your way to class. You can print to any stoPrint printer from any computer on campus, including your own. If you have a larger job, just send it to the on-campus Print Center; they can fold, cut, staple, punch, laminate and/or bind your work for you. Printing something giant? The DiSCO can print just about any poster you can dream up (well, up to 42″ wide x 100 feet long).

LinkedIn Learning

Need an intro to Photoshop? Perhaps you want to learn to code or master the art of designing a presentation? You’re in luck. LinkedIn Learning (formerly will teach you how to use much of the software available at St. Olaf through video tutorials. If you’re still stumped, just drop by IT/DiSCO or email us; we would love to hear from you.

Computer Virus Protection

Stay secure: IT will help you install free antivirus software which can protect your computer from the nastiest of bugs.

Wireless Networks

We’ve installed over 600 wireless access points across campus to ensure that you’re always connected. Mmm, internet.

 Workshops and Training

We’re all here to help; throughout the year we host workshops, training sessions, and drop-in training for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff. You’ll find us at the Helpdesk or DiSCO (Digital Scholarship Center) in Rolvaag Library. Or if you are more of a self-guided learner, see our How-to Guides and Tutorials.

File Storage

While you could always use a flash drive to work with files between computers, Google Drive offers unlimited storage and gives you access to your files anywhere you have an internet connection. Open and share files from any device!

Where to Find Help

We make it easy for you to get help by offering a variety of contact points.