What is stoPrint?

stoPrint allows you to print from your personal computer while you are connected to the campus network. You can pick up your print jobs at one of the stoPrint multi-function copiers around campus using your Ole Card. stoPrint can be used by students, faculty, staff, and emeriti.

Color printing is available on the first floor of Tomson Hall (by the vending machines) as well as in the Rolvaag Library Reference Room.

Use Web Print and avoid installing stoPrint on your computer!

Web Print allows you to submit a PDF document for printing via stoPrint, without having to install and configure stoPrint on your computer. See Web Print for instructions.

How do I connect to stoPrint?

Using stoPrint requires the installation of the stoPrint software. This installs the printer “stoPrint” so you can print to it. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

How do I print with stoPrint?

  • Install and configure the stoPrint software
  • Select the printer “stoPrint” when printing a document. (To print in color, select the printer “stoPrint-color”.) When prompted, enter your St. Olaf username. The document will stay in the stoPrint “queue” on the print server until it is released at a copier. Note: print jobs that are not released within 24 hours are automatically deleted.
  • At one of the stoPrint copiers, swipe your Ole Card and press Print. Press “Charge to personal account.”
  • Select the print job from the list and press the green arrow. Your job will be printed.

Can I make copies?

Yes. Swipe your Ole Card in the card reader and select Copy. Select “Charge to personal account.” The card reader will display the charges for copying – press OK. The copier will be unlocked and ready for copying; if it does not wake up, press the power button to wake it up.

How much do print jobs cost?

Printing costs $0.06 per single-sided page, and $0.04 per side of a duplexed (two-sided) page. Color printing is $0.45 per page. For example:

  • A one page single-sided black and white print job will cost $0.06.
  • A four page single-sided black and white print job will cost $0.24 (4 x $0.06)
  • A four page duplexed black and white print job (2 sheets of paper, 4 imaged sides) will cost $0.16 (4 x $0.04)
  • A five page duplexed black and white print job (3 sheets of paper, 5 imaged sides) will cost $0.22 (4 x $0.04 + 1 x $0.06); the last page in this print job is considered a single-sided page and therefore costs $0.06.
  • A one page single-sided color print job will cost $0.45.
  • A two page duplexed color print job will cost $0.90.

How much do copy jobs cost?

Copying costs $0.06 per page.

  • A one page single-sided copy job will cost $0.06.
  • A four page single-sided copy job will cost $0.24 (4 x $0.06)
  • A four page duplexed copy job (2 sheets of paper, 4 imaged sides) will cost $0.24 (4 x $0.06)

Note: Unlike printing duplexed jobs, where the print server calculates the cost of the print job, the copier cannot distinguish between simplex (single-sided) and duplex copy jobs. Therefore, copying is always $0.06 per page, whether simplex or duplex.

How am I charged for print and copy jobs?

  • For students:¬†At the beginning of each academic year, students are given (the dollar equivalent of) 550 pages on an Ole Card “student print plan” (similar to a meal plan). Once the funds in the student print plan are exhausted, stoPrint will use Ole Dollars. You may not add money to the student print plan, you can only add Ole Dollars. You may only use the money on the student print plan for printing and copying (you cannot use it in other places where Ole dollars are accepted). Unused balances at the end of the academic year are not carried over.
  • For faculty, staff and other St. Olaf patrons: You will need Ole Dollars on your Ole Card to make personal prints and copies. Alternatively, you can charge it to an account to which you have been authorized.

Where are the stoPrint copiers located?

Academic Building Labs:

  • Buntrock Commons Fireside
  • Buntrock Commons Crossroads (First floor outside Buntrock Office)
  • Christiansen Hall of Music 148 (Music Library) (2 copiers available)
  • Holland Hall 205
  • Holland Hall 407
  • Regents Hall 160 (Science Library)
  • Regents Hall 2nd floor atrium (next to the aquarium)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 1st (Periodical Area)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 115 (The Den)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 321 (Reference area) (color)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 330
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 433
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 560
  • Tomson Hall 101 (just off the atrium) (color)
  • Tomson Hall 3rd floor West Lantern (windowed lounge)

Residence Hall Labs:

  • Ellingson Hall public lab
  • Hill-Kitt public lab
  • Hoyme Hall public lab
  • Kildahl Hall public lab
  • Larson Hall public lab
  • Mellby Hall public lab
  • Mohn Hall public lab
  • Rand Hall public lab
  • Thorson Hall public lab
  • Ytterboe Hall public lab

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