Danish Kierkegaard Course

Course Description

The four-week-long Danish-Kierkegaard Course is an intensive language course, offered by the Hong Kierkegaard Library. The course is aimed specifically at Kierkegaard scholars; however, students, scholars, and anyone interested in beginning their study of Danish are welcome to apply. The class meets three hours a day for four weeks, Monday-Friday, and homework can be expected to take 1–2 hours a day. The course provides a foundation of basic grammar, phonetics and linguistic structures for developing a good reading knowledge of Danish. The aim of the course is to enable scholars to examine sentences and smaller passages in the original language and to check translations. The course works from a colloquial Danish textbook and incorporates exercises based on passages from Kierkegaard’s works. In addition to daily homework it is possible for scholars to work outside of class individually or in teams and present their work to me for feedback. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. This course is not an official course of St. Olaf College and does not confer official institutional course credit.

The course will be taught by Susanne Jakobsen Tinley in 2016. The dates for the course will be Monday, June 27 – Friday, July 22.

How to apply:

To apply for the course in 2016, please email Eileen Shimota a sentence or two why you would like to take the course. The deadline to apply is April 5. The course fee is $1300 with a $300 deposit due by April 10 to hold your place in the class. Housing for participants is provided on the St. Olaf campus. A minimum of 10 students is needed to hold the class.

Danish Kierkegaard Course —2016

Instructor: Susanne Jakobsen Tinley

  • Bryan Ellrod
  • Andrew Jaampol-Petzinger
  • Pat Johnson
  • Jared Jones
  • Adam Nuske
  • Chandler Rogers
  • Daniel Zimmerman

Advanced Danish Study (Instructor Anna Hamilton)

  • Kenny Wessell
  • Kevin Wessell