Danish Kierkegaard Course

The Danish Course will be offered in 2014 by Professor Knox. Dates for the course will be Monday, June 30 – Friday, July 25. Please contact Cynthia Lund at lundc@stolaf.edu immediately if you have interest in participating in the course this summer. See application details below. The course is now full and there is a waiting list as of March 6, 2014.

The Danish-Kierkegaard Course at the Hong Kierkegaard Library is an intensive language course that is tailor-made for Kierkegaard scholars.

The course provides a foundation of basic grammar, phonetics and linguistic structures for developing a good reading knowledge of Danish and it explicitly incorporates Kierkegaard into the exercises. The course will give scholars an expanded knowledge of Kierkegaard’s Danish which will enable him/her to examine sentences and smaller passages in the original language and check translations.

The whole purpose of this course is based on the idea of giving scholars access to Kierkegaard in his original language as many subtleties are lost in translation. However, learning a language is a time-consuming process and this course can only serve as an appetizer that hopes to nourish a desire to further explore Kierkegaard’s works in Danish.

The class meets 3 hours a day for four weeks, Monday-Friday, and homework can be expected to take 1–2 hours a day. A certificate will be awarded after finishing the course.

The course was created and is taught by Dr. Sinead B.L. Knox, a native speaker, Kierkegaard scholar, and former fellow at the Hong Kierkegaard Library, with the following current associations and affiliations:

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen
Ethics consultant at the NICU, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet
Member of the Clinical Ethics Committee for Paediatrics, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet
President of the Danish Society for Philosophical Practice
Member of the Nordic Network of Kierkegaard Research
Board Member, Danish Society for Clinical Ethics

To apply for Summer 2014:

To apply for the course in 2014, please notify Cynthia Lund at lundc@stolaf.edu as soon as possible and no later than March 15,2014. The course fee is $1200 with a $300 deposit due by March 1 to hold your place in the class. Housing for participants is provided on the St. Olaf campus. A minimum of 10 students is needed to hold the class.

If you are also accepted as a Summer Fellow, the cost of the course will be reduced to $900. Applications must be received by March 15, 2014 for the Summer Fellows Program.