Advising Questionnaire

The Advising Questionnaire provides your advisor with information about your interests, goals and concerns so they can best support you. It will ask you about your interests in world language, majors, concentrations and pre-professional programs. Information about your options in these areas is provided below. Please submit the Advising Questionnaire no later than May 15 so that your advisor is able to view it in advance of the academic year. Your advisor assignment will be listed on the St. Olaf College Student Information System at the beginning of August.

Choosing a World Language

St. Olaf offers you the opportunity to study a world language. Some students choose to refine the same language they studied in high school, while others choose to take advantage of the additional options St. Olaf offers.

Academic Programs and Advising at St. Olaf

St. Olaf requires a major for graduation. If you are not sure of a possible major at this time, don’t worry. It is not necessary to have a specific major in mind right now. Most students do not declare a major right away and many change their minds about which major to pursue. For this reason, and because the goals of a liberal arts education are broader than the choice of a major, your first advisor at St. Olaf is not assigned on the basis of your expressed choice of major. Students are encouraged to stay with their first advisor until they declare a major, but may change their advisor at anytime. Students are required to select an advisor in their major before the end of their sophomore year.

During New Student Orientation, you will have opportunities to meet and interact with staff and faculty to learn more about the academic programs and support offered at St. Olaf College. Until then, you are encouraged to explore the St. Olaf Academic Catalog, which offers detailed information about academic departments and programs. The Academic Catalog also provides information about St. Olaf Pre-Professional Programs.

The First Year Registration Guide found on the Registrar’s website provides additional information, including which classes you should take to get started in a major.