Student Employment

Currently Hiring:

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders

The SI Leader application for Fall and Summer 2021 is now open. SI is an internationally-recognized program that is a peer-facilitated, collaborative learning process offered in some historically difficult courses. An SI Leader differs from a TA or tutor because the SI Leader is required to attend lectures with their students, plan and execute weekly session plans (similar to “lesson planning”), and provide content support beyond homework help, etc.  Please see the  SI Leader Position Description.

Click here to apply. Application review has started and will continue until all positions are filled.
For more information, please contact Nayeli Trujillo at

Subject Matter/Accountability Tutors

Subject Matter Tutors provide academic support, individual student tutoring, and study skills to students. Applications for Fall Semester come out around April, and for Spring Semester around October. Some Tutors are hired during the semester to meet student needs.

Please visit our job description for subject matter tutors. Interested applicants can fill out an application.  Questions regarding the position can be directed to Nayeli Trujillo ( or Tara Hupton (

Other positions hired at various times during the year include:

SOAR Peer Leaders

SOAR = St. Olaf Orientation to Academics and Resources

A SOAR Peer Leader is a full year position from Spring 2021-Spring 2022.  SOAR Peer Leaders are sophomores or juniors that will co-facilitate discussions/activities and communicate with small groups of first year students during New Student Orientation and fall/spring SOAR sessions.  Peer Leaders also provide one-on-one mentoring for students as well.

Please see the detailed job description for SOAR Peer Leaders.  Interested applicants can fill out the application here.

For more information or questions regarding this position, please contact Tara Hupton (

Writing 107 SI Leaders

Writing 107 SI Leaders work closely with the Writing 107 faculty to support the international students enrolled in Writing 107. Consultants spend 7-9 hours per week attending the 107 class, preparing and delivering the 107 lab, meeting with the 107 team, and coordinating other aspects of the 107 experience. The position involves some teaching/tutoring of a range of language skills, some coordinating and classroom management, and some peer mentoring. This position is ideal for those who are interested in writing, teaching, or working in a cross-cultural context.

A detailed job description for Writing 107 SI Leader can be found at this link.
For hiring timelines, please contact Anne Berry at

Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners work with students who are in the process of developing fluency in college-level, academic English. Tutors spend 2-4 hours per week meeting with the CAAS team and working one-on-one with students. The position involves a good deal of conversational interaction, some teaching/explaining of English language and culture, and some coaching of students as they adjust to the patterns of interaction (social and academic) that are common on this campus. Tutors must be open-minded and welcoming toward cultural and linguistic differences. The position is ideal for students who are interested in language education and cross-cultural interaction.

Please visit our job description for Conversation Partner .
For hiring timelines, please contact Anne Berry at

Office Assistants

Office Assistants are often considered the “face of CAAS”. Office Assistants greet visitors, answer questions, and set up appointments for the various CAAS and DAC staff. Office Assistants are also work on several projects which help ensure smooth-running of CAAS.

Please visit our Office Assistant Job Description.
For information, please contact BreAne Hampsher at

DAC Technology Assistants

As a Disability and Access Technology Assistant, your role will be to assist DAC Specialists in providing technology accommodations (software installations and training) to students with disabilities. Additionally, you will convert textbooks into digital format, convert scanned pdfs to screen-readable/accessible pdfs, caption videos, and lead other projects such as creating training videos, or how-to tutorials.

For more information, please contact Laura KP at


By becoming a notetaker you are making a significant contribution to one of your classmates. As a notetaker, you are responsible for:

  • Taking neat, detailed notes during your assigned lectures
  • Scanning each day’s notes to your assigned student and uploading them to our myDAC server by 5 pm the same day of class.
  • Responding promptly to any communications from DAC or from the student(s) receiving your notes

Please visit our application for the Notetaker Position.
For more information please contact BreAne Hampsher at

Writing Tutors

Writing Tutors help students from across the campus achieve their academic writing goals. Writing Tutors spend 7-8 hours per week meeting with the Writing Desk team, developing resources for writing, and staffing the Writing Desk. Tutors help students with written assignments at any stage of the process, from understanding the assignment and planning an approach, through organizing and drafting, to preparing the works cited page and making final edits. This position is ideal for students who are careful, thoughtful readers, empathetic listeners, and reflective writers.

Please visit our job description for Writing Tutors and job description for Writing and Research Tutors. Applications for this year were due December 11, 2020. The next round of hiring will start in winter 2021, with priority given to early applicants; tutors will do weekly paid training in spring 2022 and begin tutoring fall 2022. Click here to apply. For more information, or to ask for an invitation to apply when applications reopen, please contact Bridget Draxler at