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Event Planning Timeline and Checklist


Determine event goal and type (at planning meeting)


Allocate budget to be used on this event (if any) (at planning meeting)


Determine event date and time ( at least 8 weeks before the event date )

  • Select venue (at least 8 weeks before the event date)
  • Arrange for payment of event (if needed) — give venue Joshua’s contact information to pay for events: alum-office@stolaf.edu or 507-786-3028. Alternatively, if payment can be completed virtually, you may send the payment link to Joshua.

Submit all event details a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the event date by the email request form. These details include:

  • Contact information for event host
  • Date and time of event
  • Location of event
  • A brief description of the event so that a St. Olaf team member can build your invitation
  • Maximum number of attendees (if any)
  • Target Audience (for marketing purposes)
  • COVID-19 Requirements / Protocols
  • Registration Fee (if any) and what is included
  • Food Choices to be collected during registration (if any)
  • RSVP deadline (if RSVP is required–if it is not required, we will continue to take RSVPs through the event date)
  • How would you like to receive RSVP info. The current system allows for you to receive an email with every registration. Alternatively, we can send you an excel document just prior to your event. Some people choose to receive both methods.
  • Additional Information you’d like collected during registration
  • Additional event support needed in addition to emails (roster, nametags, etc.)

Review and approve invitation drafts 5-6 weeks in advance of event date. After this form has been submitted, St. Olaf will work to create an event post in Ole Notes and a registration form.


Respond to questions sent to you by Oles in your chapter regarding the event.


Day of Manage check-in at your event – keep track of walk-ins and no-shows.

The Alumni Office will mail you a package in advance of your event with a sign, nametags, roster/sign-in sheet, stamped return envelope, and any other requested materials.

All St. Olaf sponsored events will use an online registration form to help track engagement. We will also provide a roster of registrants prior to the event. As the event host, we ask that you have walk-ins sign in so that they can be counted as attending, and keep track of people who had registered but don’t show up.


One week after event, email sign-in sheet to the Alumni Office.


How did it go? Send the Alumni Office an email alum-office@stolaf.edu with your post-event feedback one week after event.

That’s it! Thank you for planning a great event for your local Oles!

Alumni Chapter Event Submission Form

Marketing and Communications News/Story Submission Form