Free one-on-one peer tutoring is available in most courses and is provided upon request, referral, and in consultation with faculty. In addition to strengthening your understanding of course material, tutors will assist you in identifying subject areas to study or practice, discuss effective participation methods in class, and convey new study techniques. Tutoring is not designed to help students with specific homework assignments, but rather to enhance their overall learning and understanding of course material.  Tutors collaborate with faculty and Academic Support Center staff to monitor student progress.  We highly recommend that you talk with your faculty member before you submit a tutor request (some faculty will require a meeting with students before a tutor can be considered).

In courses with Supplemental Instruction (SI) or departmental clinics/help sessions, tutoring requests will only be considered if students are actively and consistently using those resources on a regular basis or have extenuating circumstances.     

Students who wish to request a tutor can do so online via the “Request a Tutor” option or by contacting Nayeli Trujillo, Academic Enrichment Specialist in the ASC. Tutoring sessions are typically once per week for about an hour or two times a week for 45-minutes depending on student need.  Students who have SI will only be paired with a tutor once per week.  Students are expected to come prepared to tutoring sessions; this includes bringing textbooks/notes, completed (or at least attempted) homework assignments, questions, etc.

In order to best serve our students and their needs, ALL tutor requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the last day of classes (2017-2018 dates are listed below).  Additionally, due to student employment timelines, we cannot hire additional tutors 4 weeks prior to the last day of classes.  This means we will only be able to provide a tutor 4 weeks before the last day of class if one is already on staff and available.  Requests submitted during this time will be carefully reviewed and considered in collaboration with faculty.  Exceptions may be granted under some circumstances.

We encourage students to submit tutor request as early in the semester as possible.  If you believe you may need help in a specific course, please submit a request!  

2017-2018 Dates
Fall Semester
No Further Tutor Hires – November 14, 2017
No Further Tutor Placements – November 28, 2017

For more information or any questions, please contact:

Nayeli Trujillo
phone: 507-786-3364
TTY: 7-1-1 (MNRelay)