Fulbright Scholars

Serena Calcagno ’17

English teaching assistant in Taiwan.

Mari McClelland ’16

Forest research in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

She will conduct research on forest tenure and national forest policy in China.  In 2015, she was named a Udall Scholar for demonstrating leadership, public service and commitment to the environment.

Cameron Rylander ’16

English teaching assistant in South Korea

He intends to further his experience by engaging in K-pop dance performance and studying traditional Korean cuisine.

Sophia Kor ’14

English teaching assistant in Kinen, Taiwan

She will be teaching English to middle and elementary school students and hopes to start an after-school music program where students can experiment with different musical styles and materials.

Kia Vang ’14

English teaching assistant in Thailand

She will be engaging in intensive Thai language studies, learning ESL teaching techniques, and studying cultural issues while teaching students from primary school through high school.

Brynn Rathjen ’13

English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia

Eric Becklin ’12

Locating the Lost Nestorians of Quanzhou, China at Center for Studies of Fujian and Taiwan, Fujian Normal University

The project will investigate the original materials of religious tablets left by Nestorian Christians in Quanzhou, China. .

Jaime Mosel ’12

Forest Ecology and Succession in Hokkaido, Japan at the Silviculture and Forest Ecology Lab, Hokkaido University

Due to global climate change as well as many man-made ecological disturbances, earth’s ecosystems are experiencing rapid change. In collaboration with Professor Koike and the Hokkaido University Silviculture and Forest Ecology lab, this project will research the effects of global climate change on northern forest ecosystems and the decline of mountain birch in Hokkaido, Japan.

Steven Braun ’11

Protein Folding Research at Kyoto University in Japan

Proteins are the workhorses of the cell: they are responsible for carrying out functions ranging from duplicating DNA to moderating cellular growth.  In order for a protein to function correctly, though, it must properly fold into its correct three-dimensional configuration.  This process is enormously complex, and a great deal of research has been done on what is termed the “protein folding problem,” i.e., the process of how a protein gets from unfolded to folded state.  Many debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and Huntington’s disease are related to protein dysfunction due to misfolding; thus, understanding the folding process and how misfolding occurs could result in treatments that prevent or reverse these diseases.
Click here to see Steven’s Asian Studies distinction project web site.

Anna Coffey ’11

Early Childhood Development at Northwest University in China

She will spend a Fulbright year studying early childhood development in Northwestern China.

Sara Padula ’11

Gender and Civil Society in Japanese Elections, University of Fukuoka

Do women develop influence and receive support from the same people and institutions as men when running for political office? Or are they forced to search outside of traditional networks of political power to find new networks of influence through involvement in civil society? These are the main questions behind the research that I intend to conduct in Japan.

Lydia Pfotenhauer ’11

Migration and Gender in Governmental Policies, Hangzhou, China

The primary focus in my Fulbright research is to explore the differing reactions of migrating young women and men towards government policies and support organizations in Hangzhou, China.

Leigh Billings ’07

Study in China in the area of environmental policy.

Jessica Burtness ’06

Study in India researching the Asian honeybee.

Andrea Horbinski ’07

Study in Japan researching “hyper-nationalist” manga.

Justin Johnson ’05

Study in China.

Kristin White ’05

Study in Japan researching grassroots organizations that promote political change.

Alex Potter ’03

Study in China researching China’s rural energy development.

Kathryn Korneau ’02

Study in China.

John Duong Phan ’02

Study in Vietnam researching the ancient ideographic script of Chu Nom.

Richard Pearson ’01

Study in Taiwan at The China Post newspaper.

Justin Wheeler ’00

Study in India researching a new public health program to reduce tuberculosis.