Map of NagasakiBeing a city that is saturated with history, Nagasaki was a logical starting point and base for our research. It is centrally located within the majority of the areas we researched and has some very useful sites and people that we were able to use as resources. The curators of the 26 Martyr’s Museum, Father Deigo Yuuki and Father Renzo De Luca, were invaluable and generous with their time and help.

Nagasaki’s trade with Portugal was coupled with the spread of Christianity from the beginning. Nagasaki was a port of goods and ideas. Oura Cathedral is in Nagasaki, which played a large role in the Catholic Church’s discovery of “underground and hidden” Christians. Many of these Sempuku and Kakure Kirishitan lived in and just around Nagasaki. The largest Asian Cathedral was in Urakami until the Atomic bombing of Nagasaki destroyed it.

Today Nagasaki has one of the highest concentrations of Christians in Japan.