Selection Criteria for Asian Studies Language Houses

Although the following qualities are preferred, there will be exceptions based on interest, dedication, cultural experience, and the number of applicants.
  1. High priority for residence is given to Asian Studies, Chinese, and Japanese majors, current Chinese or Japanese language students, and students with native/advanced level Chinese or Japanese fluency.
  2. Demonstrates dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm in supporting and spreading knowledge of Asian cultures at St. Olaf
  3. Committed to often speaking Chinese or Japanese in the Language House
  4. In good academic standing
  5. Have studied, are studying, or will be studying Chinese or Japanese language during the academic year
  6. Willing to help with Chinese or Japanese Conversation Tables
  7. Willing to host at least two events each semester with other housemates
  8. Preference given to juniors and seniors; however, sophomores are also encouraged to apply