Aspiring Educators Student Group

The Education Department strongly recommends that licensure candidates join EMAE; students who are education studies concentrators (not seeking licensure) are welcome to join as well. This professional organization provides liability insurance as well as professional resources for students planning to be teachers. This is an annual fee, to be renewed each academic year. Dues are $30 ($15 for NEA, $10 for Education Minnesota, and $5 for the local St. Olaf College chapter).

To join EMAE, apply online using a credit card at  and click on the benefits link at the top. Then click on Join Us and you will see Aspiring Educator Membership.

Please print off the confirmation page after completing the registration. Save that document to be used in your first year of teaching. If your first job is in a school district where the local union is affiliated with NEA, you are eligible for a $20 per year refund up to $80 for each year you were a student member!

For more information, contact the 2020-2021 Aspiring Educators Student Group officers:


  • Co-Presidents: Emilia Galchutt (Fall) / Emily Rennhak (Spring)
  • Vice President: Nathan Tichy
  • Secretary: Anna Raphael
  • Treasurer: Haley Rogers
  • Publicity Managers: Jake Gately and Glenn Mayer
  • Community and Alumni Engagement: Abigail Gaard


  • Fine Arts: Emily Thompson
  • Humanities: Annika Peterson
  • Languages: Skye Nguyen (Fall)
  • STEM: Grace Callaghan (Fall); Estrella Alanis (Spring)

Scholarship Opportunities!!

Consider applying for the Audrey Erskine Application. This scholarship is awarded to education students currently in their junior or senior year of college. Any Education Minnesota student may apply for this scholarship. For an application form, please contact the Mid-Minnesota United office at 320-253-2510 or Clara Waddell.

The United Educators Credit Union scholarship application is generally due the first Friday in February. This scholarship is open to Education Minnesota student members and other education students entering their junior or senior year. Once the application is posted, a link will be listed here.


Latest Event

Language in Media: An Aspiring Educators Event (St. Olaf College, Feb. 22, 2021)

A sociolinguistic analysis presented by 2020-2021 Language in Media Interns (link to the video)