Information for Cooperating Teachers

For Field Experience Cooperating Teachers

Students enrolled in the following courses: ED 170, ED 246, ED 260, ED 270, ED 290, ED 330, ED 347, ED 374, ED 378, ED 379, and several methods courses are required to complete a field experience. These experiences are integral components to the St. Olaf College Teacher Education Program and provide an opportunity to apply educational theory to real-world settings. Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of field experience, 60 hours of which must be in a diverse setting.

For Student Teacher Cooperating Teachers

St. Olaf College is grateful to all who contribute to our student teaching program.  We would particularly like to thank the public and private school classroom teachers who accept our student teachers each year.  You are indeed the backbone of our program.

Cooperating teachers should refer to the Student Teaching Handbook for information on the St. Olaf Teacher Education Program.

If you have questions about the field experience and student teaching components of the St. Olaf Teacher Education Program, please contact Nancy Veverka, Director of Field Experiences and Licensure or Sue Couture,  Coordinator of Field Experiences and Licensure.