Early Field Experience Host Evaluation form

All host teacher early field experience evaluations are now completed in Tk20. See this link for directions on completing the evaluations: https://wp.stolaf.edu/education/tk20directions/#earlyFE

The purpose of this form is to provide an opportunity for you to share your perception of the student’s strengths/areas of improvement as a teacher candidate. The educational field experience is a critical component of our teacher education program, and your feedback will help us assess the student’s performance in the field experience and progress on meeting pedagogical and dispositional standards.

Students WILL see these evaluations; if you have concerns, please email the course instructor and/or Nancy Veverka (veverk1@stolaf.edu) or indicate your concerns in the form in Tk20.

In Tk20, you will be asked to indicate your response by checking the appropriate rating for each criteria. Criteria are linked with the professional dispositions identified by our department. There is a space for additional comments at the bottom of the form; we do value your feedback. The ratings are:

  • Emerging = The student needs a great deal of improvement on this criteria.
  • Basic = The student adequately meets this criteria, but there is room for improvement.
  • Proficient = This criteria is a real strength of the student.
The student accepted and/or sought out feedback (Disposition 1A).
The student handled emotions appropriately (Disposition 1B).
The student adapted easily to changing circumstances (Disposition 1C).
The student showed concern and compassion for others (Disposition 2A).
The student developed rapport and demonstrated effective communication skills with students (Disposition 2B).
The student developed rapport and demonstrated effective communication skills with staff and faculty members (Disposition 2B).
The student was reliable, conscientious, and prepared when necessary (Disposition 3A).
The student was reflective (Disposition 3B).
The student acted in an ethical and honest manner (Disposition 3C).
The student enjoyed working with your students (Disposition 3D).
The student showed initiative and made use of opportunities to participate (Disposition 3E).
The student demonstrated effective use of teaching strategies.
The student treated all students fairly and believed that they could learn (Disposition 3F, 3G).