Professional Dispositions

St. Olaf Student Teachers are expected to develop proficiencies in the dispositions listed below. At the end of student teaching, student teachers are asked to evaluate their professional dispositions.

The St. Olaf College Professional Dispositions are listed below.

Personal Characteristics

  • Self-Awareness/Self-Acceptance
    • Recognizes strengths and areas of development
    • Seeks and accepts feedback
    • Acts confidently and maturely
  • Emotional Management
    • Handles emotions appropriately
    • Reacts reasonably to situations
  • Flexibility
    • Adapts easily to changing circumstances
    • Solves problems creatively
    • Is open to new ideas

Relational Characteristics

  • Empathy/Care for Others
    • Sees and appreciates the differences in others’ perspectives
    • Shows concern and compassion for others
  • Relationships/Communication
    • Develops rapport with peers, students, teachers, and staff members
    • Exhibits appropriate relationships with students
    • Maintains respectful relationships with host teachers and school staff members
    • Demonstrates effective communication skills (verbal and nonverbal)
    • Listens to others

Professional Characteristics

  • Reliability/Conscientiousness/Work Ethic
    • Completes assigned tasks on time
    • Demonstrates consistent attendance and punctuality
    • Follows through on commitments
  • Reflectivity
    • Considers thoughtfully educational matters and the practice of teaching
    • Makes choices after pondering ideas and experiences
  • Integrity/Character
    • Acts in an ethical and honest manner inside and outside of the classroom
    • Demonstrates trustworthiness
  • Enthusiasm/Passion
    • Enjoys working with students
    • Is passionate about subject area
    • Views learning as a life-long activity
  • Commitment to the Teaching Profession
    • Respects the skill and art of teaching
    • Exhibits pride in the teaching profession
    • Shows initiative and makes use of opportunities to participate
  • Fairness
    • Treats all students respectfully and equitably
  • Belief All Students can Learn
    • Provides opportunities for all students to be successful
    • Has high expectations for all students