Student Teaching Site

This section of the handbook contains information about:

Criteria for Selection

The student teaching site must have an adequate program and facilities to enable the student to receive a profitable experience, be willing to participate in the student teaching program as a total school function, and accept the student teacher as an associate.

Number of Cooperating Teachers

The number will vary from school to school.  However, the Education Department recommends that the work be done with two cooperating teachers.  It is permissible to have one or three.  If there is more than one cooperating teacher, one of the cooperating teachers should serve as the chief mentor to the student.  This teacher-mentor should help the student with any problems that may arise.

The Student Teaching Site Administrator

The role of the student teaching site administrator is that of advisor.  The administrator selects competent cooperating teachers who meet established criteria and prepares the faculty for the arrival of the student teachers.  The administrator also reviews the data that has been presented by the college regarding the student teacher and shares the information with the cooperating teacher.  He/she welcomes student teachers and offers assistance in the adjustment of student teachers to the total school program.

The student teaching site administrator is more specifically concerned with:

  • orienting him/herself with the student teaching program as outlined in the handbook.
  • working closely with college supervisors in orienting the cooperating teachers with the student teaching program.
  • assigning the student teacher to the most competent cooperating teacher appropriate to the desired area of endorsement.
  • providing school policies and procedures to each student teacher in writing or making them available for review.
  • discussing school policies and procedures with each student teacher within the first two weeks of the student teaching experience.
  • assisting the college supervisors in insuring the program’s success by making data available to the student teacher which might aid in overall adjustment to the school philosophy.
  • arranging time for the student teacher to assist with and observe the administrative responsibilities of the principal (optional) and to observe in classrooms other than the one in which the student teaching experience is taking place.
  • communicating with the Education Department concerning problems which may arise during the student teaching experience.