Student Teaching Assessments

A midterm assessment is completed by the seventh week of student teaching for student teachers who have fourteen-week placements. The cooperating teacher and the student teacher complete separate midterm assessment forms in Tk20 and then they meet to discuss the student teacher’s areas of strength and areas for improvement. This gives student teachers an opportunity to self-assess as well as receive important feedback from their cooperating teachers on how they are progressing.

The student teacher final assessment form will be available in Tk20 for each cooperating teacher to complete. You can access the Student Teaching Assessment form at this link. An Expanded Student Teaching Assessment Rubric outlines specifics about each criteria. Student teachers may also ask cooperating teachers to write a letter of recommendation and upload it in Tk20.

Levels of Performance for Evaluations


    • The student teacher does not yet appear to understand the concepts underlying the component.  Working on the fundamental practices associated with the elements will enable the student teacher to grow and develop in this area.


    • The student teacher appears to understand the concepts underlying the component and attempts to implement its elements.  But implementation is sporadic, intermittent, or otherwise not entirely successful.  Additional reading, discussion, visiting classrooms of other teachers, and experience will enable the student teacher to become proficient in this area.  This level of competency is required to receive recommendation for teaching licensure.


    • The student teacher clearly understands the concepts underlying the component and consistently implements it well.

Adapted from:
Enhancing Professional Practice:  A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson (1996)