Recruitment and Enrollment/Hiring

Theory of TransformationRecruitment and Enrollment/Hiring

Key actions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through recruitment and enrollment of new students, and recruitment and hiring of new faculty and staff, include:

  • Frequent internal and external training of Admissions staff to support their efforts to recruit a diverse entering class
  • Need-based financial support for low-income prospective students to visit campus
  • Admissions Office virtual webinars for prospective students on applying for college and financial aid
  • St. Olaf Writing Center student tutors assisting prospective students with their St. Olaf application essays
  • Admissions Office partnerships with community-based organizations and scholarship programs serving BIPOC prospective students
  • Training for faculty and staff search committees by the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion to increase recruitment and retention of BIPOC faculty and staff
  • Staff Handbook equal opportunity and voluntary affirmative action employment policy (Section 150)
  • Human Resources policies and guides for equity in the staff hiring process
  • Provost and Dean of the College policies and guides for equity in the faculty hiring process
  • Human Resources purchase of specific advertising to attract diverse candidates to open positions at the college
  • Development of connections with departments, graduate student placement officers, and professional associations to establish relationships with graduate students and early career faculty of color
  • Board of Regents commitment to diversity in Board membership