Section 7 – Recordkeeping

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Bloodborne Table of Contents

Medical records

  1. The St. Olaf director of personnel is reponsible for maintaining all medical records associated with the bloodborne pathogen program. Records will be maintained in accordance with OSHA Standard 29, CFR 1910.1030, subpart Z. Any records will be held in strict confidentiality, and will be maintained for the length of employment plus thirty years. Records will contain the following:
    1. The name and social security number of the employee.
    2. A copy of the employee’s HBV vaccination status, including the dates of vaccination.
    3. A copy of all results of examinations, medical testing and followup procedures.
  2. A copy of the information provided to the health care provider, including a description of the employee’s duties as they relate to the exposure incident, and documentation of the routes of entry and circumstances of the exposure.

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Training records

  1. The St. Olaf Director of Personnel is responsible for documenting all training activites and maintaining training records. All training records will be maintained for at least three years from the date of training. Training records will include the following:
    1. The dates and times of training sessions.
    2. An outline which describes the material presented.
    3. The names and qualifications of persons presenting the training.
    4. The names and job titles of all persons attending the training.
    5. A signed acknowledgement of training from each employee that was in attendance.
  2. All employee records will be made available to the employee in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1030. Employee records will also be made available to the assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, and the director of the National Institute for

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