We have people who perform all of the services that a small city requires, and that is a good way to think about a highly residential liberal arts college. Small cities also require leaders and staff who work from city hall.  This page introduces you to those people.

In addition, we have:

Custodial; grounds – everything outdoors, as well as moving and storage, event logistics and more; carpenters, locksmiths, and painters; mechanical maintenance, HVAC, energy management computing, and plumbing; electricians; operating engineers

Self-forming work teams

Each of the tradespeople has a group of buildings that they are primarily responsible for. They each have a set that they have secondary responsibility for. When a work order comes for a plumbing issue in any given building, it goes directly to the appropriate person. If that person is unavailable, it goes to the secondary person. And, if that person is unavailable it goes to the assistant director of the group. If the plumber needs help from other trades he goes directly to the persons with responsibility for that building.

Follow the link under the staff heading called  Physical Plant Staff Building Assignments to see the group assigned to any building.