St Olaf Facilities Personnel Room Entry Policy and Protocol

St Olaf Facilities Personnel Room

Entry Policy and Protocol

As Facilities personnel we often perform work in residence hall rooms, locker rooms, and other spaces where individuals have an expectation of privacy.  Before entering such spaces it is important that we clearly announce our presence, ask if the space is occupied, and if so, obtain permission before entering.  Here is the protocol to follow before entering these areas:

  1. Knock Loudly – Knock with your knuckles at least three (3) times and announce your department (custodial, facilities, etc.) loudly, waiting 10 seconds and repeating a second time.
  2. Announce Your Presence – If no one has answered and given you permission to enter, open the room door a crack. While remaining outside of the room announce your department (custodial, facilities, etc.) loudly again and ask if there is anyone in the room.  If someone answers, ask permission to enter the room.  If it is not a good time, ask when it would be an appropriate time to return.  If you feel it is necessary to address the matter immediately but the occupant has not given you permission, you should contact your supervisor for assistance.
  3. Entering a Room You Believe is Unoccupied – If you have followed steps 1 and 2 and have not received a response, proceed into the room slowly and with caution. Once again announce your department and the reason for your entry.  Listen for clues such as voices, TV’s, etc., as these things can prevent your knock from being heard.  If you hear something, promptly exit and close the door.  If entry is necessary at that time, attempt knocking again and consider contacting your supervisor for assistance.  If the matter is not pressing, wait and return later.
  4. Report Any Incidents – If you encounter any issues in your interactions with an individual when attempting entry into a residence hall room, restroom, locker room or other space, immediately report the incident to your supervisor.