Key System

The St. Olaf facilities department has locksmiths on staff who are charged with maintaining the electronic entry and lock and key systems for the campus. This is a huge job as there are thousands of doors on the campus. The beginning of each academic year is particularly busy as many new people join us each year, and all need to have reliable access to certain areas.

Key Control at St. Olaf

We make our best efforts to keep students, faculty, and staff secure in the St. Olaf environment, but we depend on each of you to help. Generally, we try to issue only the keys that any individual needs in order to minimize the damage if keys are lost. If a building or floor master is lost, many doors need to be re-keyed to ensure security. For this reason, you may be asked to carry a building entry key, as well as a key for your office or suite, and perhaps another for shared department spaces.

Requesting Keys

In order to make key ordering more seamless, we have setup a web-based Key Requisition form that goes directly to the locksmith. Please enter all information that is requested so that we can fulfill your request as quickly as possible.