Campus Ground Penetration Policy

Campus Ground Penetration Policy (including, but not limited to: construction or utility excavation, tent or fence erection, ground signs)

Any entity whose work requires penetrating below the surface of an existing grade must follow this policy.

Any vendor or contractor performing work on the St. Olaf College campus, or College property elsewhere, is required by state law (Minnesota Statute Chapter 216D) to initiate location of underground utilities through the services of Gopher State One Call,  651-454-0002 or 800-252-1166 or For emergency locates call 866-640-3637.

Gopher will generate a “ticket” and the owners of utilities anywhere in the zone that the work is within will be notified to locate and clearly mark theirs within a defined time limit, or determine that they have no utilities within the defined site. In that case, it may not always be clear that the utility has been to the site. The utilities have 48 hours (working days) to visit and locate, or determine that none are present.

No work may proceed within 48 hours of submitting the ticket. Contractors or vendors must check the status of locating at Gopher State One Call Positive Response, , and either print the results for the College, or the site allows the results to be e-mailed to the College as well. If a contractor does not have computer access, the St. Olaf College Facilities Department may be contacted to check status before work proceeds.

Finally, to protect all parties, the vendor or contractor must contact the St. Olaf Facilities Department so that College personnel – one of: the assistant vice president, the assistant directors, or the grounds manager – are able to check the site a final time, and evaluate the placement of the work in relation to the located utilities.

507-786-3280, St. Olaf Facilities office, goes to the assistant vice president, the  assistant directors, and the grounds manager.

No work may proceed until this step is completed.