Fall Protection/High Work Policy


Fall Protection covers a wide range of activities and may apply to some degree anytime staff are working with their bodies elevated above the floor or ground, or are working in, or in proximity to, holes or excavations.

Control Measures                                                                                                                        

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry administers many OSHA programs in the state, including Construction Fall Protection. DOLI measures that can apply include: guardrail systems; safety netting; personal fall arrest systems; covers; positioning devices; fences; barricades; equipment guards; controlled access zoning; warning line systems – with or without – guardrails, nets, safety monitors, personal fall arrest systems; safety monitors; and Fall Protection Plans.


At St. Olaf College this policy applies to faculty, staff, students, and contractors. When high work is required, one or more members of the Facilities Department lead team – the AVP, Assistant Directors, and the Grounds Manager – will evaluate the situation, decide upon the appropriate Control Measures, and assure that they are applied correctly, before any work begins. St. Olaf will provide control measures for St. Olaf personnel.

Contractors must meet the requirements of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

No High Work is allowed in isolation. At least two persons must be involved, and they must have communications equipment close at hand.

When High Work is required, it has been evaluated, and control measures are in place the staff must report to the Facilities Department office that work will be underway, and they must notify again at the end of the work.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems will be provided for each individual that is required to perform high work. Fall Arrest systems must be properly terminated, and terminations evaluated by a supervisor.

Barriers, guardrails, fence placements, scaffolding systems, warning lines, and so on, must be inspected by a member of the Facilities Lead Team before work can begin.

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Fall Protection Requirements are on the following page:


Fall Protection Graphic