September 2016 Campus Forum

On Friday, September 2 the St. Olaf Framework Plan was presented to the College community at two open forumsAs we’ve reported previously, the Framework Plan will be used to guide capital project development over the next 20+ years. Over the past 12 months we have gathered and analyzed data, engaged 11 study groups focused on specific physical development topics, engaged Ryan Shepherds’ SOAN371 class to survey faculty and students regarding physical space characteristics, held 6 open forums to test the plans being developed, listened to feedback gathered at the forums, and developed the Framework Plan being presented. The Framework Plan lays out a variety of options from which the College can develop infrastructure related to new facilities, circulation through the campus, land use, and considerations for sustainability. This plan also describes the St. Olaf buildings’ existing conditions and how our physical spaces are being utilized compared to national standards for schools our size and character. Below is the recording of the September 2 campus forum.