April 2016 Campus Forum

The framework plan process continues to evolve and project scenarios are becoming more refined. We have identified opportunities which include land use, renovations, new facilities, circulation, open space, and resiliency. Here is the broadcast of the April 22, 2016 Campus Forum.

Below are the presentation materials which helped facilitate campus discussions.

Download (PDF, 5.47MB)

The Steering Committee and series of Study Groups have been working through the winter and early spring, and a DRAFT report was shared with them on April 7. The DRAFT is posted here. It is a work in progress so please do not lose sleep over any one thing. It was presented with narration and so it will not be that easy to follow, but it is a look at some of the information and synthesis. Please mouse over the upper right hand corner of the PDF to go full screen.

Download (PDF, 5.79MB)