Building Services

The Assistant Director of Facilities, is responsible for the buildings as structures.

The building services area includes all general construction, renovation and building maintenance. The assistant director has a full shop, including carpenters, a furniture/cabinet maker,  locksmiths, and painters. Each of these persons has an area of special expertise, and they call on each other as needed. Again, most of our shop time must be spent on building maintenance. Occasionally the college shop is able to take on larger projects, but this is at the discretion of the assistant director and the shop foreman. Most larger projects will be handled by contractors selected by the assistant director, and under the assistant director’s direction.

Repair items for this shop should also be called in to 3280. The work request will be logged into the work order database, and will be assigned immediately to the individual responsible for the building. Each work order will be reviewed the same day it is called in.