2018 Senior Show

May 4 – 20, May 25 – 27, 2018

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 6, 2018, 1-3 p.m.

The Senior Show is an annual exhibition and culminating event in the curriculum of St. Olaf College studio art majors. This year, 29 artists’ works span two galleries, the central corridor, and installation spaces within and outside the Center for Art and Dance. Projects explore themes including race and discriminatory practices, empathy and the human experience, memory and internal landscapes, investigations into ecological time, art-making as spiritual practice, built environments and architectural inquiry, and personal identity and cultural heritage.

Rebecca Beam
Maggie Bennett
Kat Bluett
Iris Burbank
Ally Christensen
Bess Clement
Cole Dressen
Olive Dwan
Mercy Garriga
Kate Henry
Mary Koehler
Joe Kyle
Alexandra Madsen
Prabana Mendis
Yazmin Moktan

Kristina Moua
Siri Nycklemoe
Jon Pfeifer
Sophia Skoglund
Emilie Smolders
Emma Standen
Olaf Sunleaf
Kris Swanson
Stephanie Trinkner
Jabri Whirl
Erin Wiebe
Anna Wolle
Stephanie Yang
Elif Ilaria Yurtseven