The German Studies Concentration

The German Studies concentration provides students the opportunity to explore the cultures of German-speaking countries from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students combine coursework in the German language with a selection of courses with appropriate cultural content in consultation with the program director.

Requirements for the German Studies concentration

The German Studies concentration consists of five (5) courses with cultural content from one or more German-speaking countries:

Three courses in German at the level of 232 and above, at least two of which must be taught by a St. Olaf instructor;
• Two additional courses relevant to German Studies (art, culture, economics, history, politics, etc.) taken at St. Olaf or abroad, in German or in English;
• Maximum of two courses from a St. Olaf-sponsored study abroad program, at least one of which must be in German;
• One course may be taken S/U;
• The student’s proposed concentration must be approved by the director of the German Studies concentration.

German Studies Concentration Planning Rubric

Examples of pre-approved St. Olaf courses in English:


346: Who Is My Neighbor? Ethics of Refugee and Immigrant Education*


247: Germanic Fairy Tales and Folklore
249: German Cinema
263: Topics in German Arts (e.g., German War Film)

Enduring Questions

218: Critics, Dreamers, Radicals


191: Colonialism and Europe: 1492-present
210: Methods Seminar: European History
320: Research Seminar: Modern European History


301: Germanic Multiethnolects


241: Music History and Literature, I
242: Music History and Literature, II


260: Introduction to Germanic Linguistics


260: Kant’s Moral Theory in Literature and Film
374: Seminar in the History of Philosophy (when a German topic)

Political Science

113: Introduction to Political Theory
285: International Law


213: Lutheran Heritage**
214: Reformation Theology
303: History of Christian Thought II**

* Course must be taken with German FLAC section to count toward GS concentration or German major
** Final research project must be on a German topic.